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Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere. "Albert Einstein"

Hello, I'm a Software Engineer and Web Developer from Tehran, Iran. I hold a master degree of software Engineering.

Nowadays, I working closely with different teams as an IT professional to assist them using software and hardware technology in an efficient manner. Moreover I develope and upgrade websites and web applications for companies and because of that spend most of my time crafting and working on awesome projects which i like alot about my job.
I'm the person who want to learn, my desire to learn push me forward to learn more and more and it helps me alot to become better in my works.

I like to help people so if you have any question in computer field please leave me a comment so i will answer it as soon as I can.

  • Birthdate : 1985

  • Phone : +98 912 619 33 19

  • Email : Davoudi.Payam@gmail.com

  • Adresse : Tehran,Iran

Happy Clients


Year Experience

My Skills



Building great web sites and web applications!


Entity Framework

Is an Object Relational Mapper (ORM).



A standardized system for tagging and styling on World Wide Web pages.



The most popular JS library use to simplify the client-side scripting.


Angular JS

Lets you extend HTML vocabulary for your application.



The most popular programming language in the world.

  • Creativity 90%
  • Leadership 85%
  • Desire to learn more 95%
  • English 90%
  • UX & UI 95%
  • Problem Solving 90%

I am available as Freelancer

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Creativity is seeing what everyone else has seen, and thinking what no one else has thought.
Albert Einstein

My Resume

  • Present
  • Self Employed

    Sub contractor

    I Develop web based application and website. Teach and troubleshoot computer software and application. IT consultant.

    DEC 2011 - Present
  • Tamas Gostar Kish

    Researcher - software developer

    Updating company Website, Plotting Interior drawing for job sites and troubleshooting computer problems. working as researcher in coampany's R&D Department.

    MARCH 2010 - 2017
  • Owj Net Group Co

    Network Administrator

    Manage salespersons and network installers, Making sure the network servers are up and working. Supporting customers with their technical difficulties. Installation and configuration of average range wireless antenna and modems. Wireless network coverage and availability check.

    JUNE 2009 - DECEMBER 2009
  • Faran Group Co

    Sell Person

    Sell UPS to costumers and Calculate how much power a customer needs for electrical stuffs and Find out what kind of UPS is more useful and better for them.

    2007 - 2008
  • Education
  • Master of Computer Software

    Islamic Azad University Tehran North Branch

    Learned new things from my kind teachers. Start learing how to make better desings and structures.

    OCTOBER 2015 - 2018
  • Bachelor's Degree In Computer Software

    Parsa Higher Education Institute

    focusing more on computer programs and complex structures started from here.

    OCTOBER 2007 - JANUARY 2010
  • Associate Degree of Computer Software

    University of Science And Applied Technology

    I spent the most awesome days of my education in this university.

    OCTOBER 2004 - JULY 2007

My Process

  1. Discussion

    Talk and listen to costumer requests and make sure the result is what they exactly want.

  2. Idea

    The most important part of every creation is its idea, with a good idea you can make everything work better.

  3. Implementation

    We make our tools and our tools make us, with good tools and knowledge projects build faster and better.

  4. Review

    After each project finished , I will review it one time personaly and another time with costumer to make sure they like the final result and change if it needs to change and this is my last polish

  5. Deliver

    We do our best to deliver your request as soon as possible, if you have deadline for your project or you need we do it in a limmited time please write it in comment when your order your project.